Cybersecurity has been a top priority for most companies in recent years, and no wonder. The volume and the sophistication of cyber attacks has been steadily increasing year over year. What we can do to ensure that we keep our organizations safe? Let’s take a look at the 5 things that have the most impact.

Email Security

E-mail is the entry point for a lot of the viruses and cyberattacks a company has to deal with. Most security attacks start with a good looking link in an email which gets clicked by an employee and from there things go very wrong very fast.

Attackers typically use social engineering methods such as phishing to prey on unsuspecting users. You need to keep that in mind when looking for an email protection solution. You would need a tool that can identify both known and unknown threats. 

The solutions should also deliver protection against business email compromise (BEC) threats. These threats don’t deliver a malicious payload but goad recipients into actions that can compromise financials, data, or their devices.

Endpoint Protection

The days when we only had one endpoint for our work, our computer, are long gone. Now, we have our work on all sorts of devices like phones, laptops, tablets, etc. We have gained in terms of flexibility and being able to work from everywhere, but at the same time, we need to secure those endpoints so they don’t become a liability. 

Any comprehensive, layered approach to security must include endpoint protection leveraging advanced techniques such as machine learning to identify all threats. You need endpoint protection with real-time monitoring and full visibility into your environments so they can keep them safe and swiftly respond to incidents when necessary.

Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is one issue that almost every company has to deal with at some point. The best way to go about it is to never be exposed to this type of cyberattack, but taking some precautions is important in order to avoid problems. 

One thing that you need to take care of is having your data backed-up so you can be ready to go faster in case disaster does strike.

Making sure your employees are well trained in identifying suspect links or attachments is also something that needs addressing not only when onboarding a new employee but also on a regular basis. Cybercrime is evolving and improving. You should keep up in order to make sure your company is safe.

Being the victim of a cyberattack is not unlikely anymore, with perpetrators executing highly orchestrated attacks against software supply chains and critical assets such as pipelines. Preventing ransomware attacks should be a priority for any business.  

In order to make sure that your company is as protected as possible you need to look for a threat protection technology that detects and blocks advanced threats alongside information protection and backup solutions.

Cloud Security

Cloud security has been considered an issue since cloud environments started to be used more. Of course a public cloud might not offer you the level of security you want, especially for sensitive customer data for instance.  However there is a solution for every need be it choosing a private cloud, or going for a security solution which gives you the secure environment you want.

Hybrid, multi-cloud environments are expanding to support distributed workforces and a diversity of business applications. Protecting these environments requires consistent protocols and visibility across the infrastructure – a big challenge for most companies.

A good security solution can help you manage hybrid environments with security services that prevent data loss and meet compliance requirements by identifying and addressing threats across a customer’s environment. You can get safe access to cloud applications with advanced threat protection methods that do not affect user productivity. 

You can make sure that you are safe by choosing a cloud provider with comprehensive cybersecurity and compliance policies, an aspect you need to sort out when shopping for a provider.  

Also, just having knowledge about them is not enough, maintaining compliance designations such as SSAE-18 and ongoing compliance and cybersecurity employee training is something your cloud provider needs to have.

User Training

Last but not least, when talking about cybersecurity, the people that work for you can make or break your security strategy. It’s of the utmost importance that they know how to recognize threats to prevent them from compromising systems and entire networks.

Having regular training that keeps your users updated with the latest evolutions when it comes to cyber attacks can help.

Not only that, but you as a company would need to choose a cybersecurity partner that can help you implement awareness initiatives that help users avoid phishing and other threats through simulations and other interactive activities.

There are a number of enterprise grade solutions which can help you keep your company safe from cyber attacks and all the issues that they can bring.

Out of the numerous solutions we at Prominic have worked with Proofpoint Essentials and we recommend it to our customers in search of a complete solution.

With enhanced cybersecurity with spam and phishing detection, dynamic sandboxing of URLs and attachments, policy-enforced encryption and data loss prevention and Social media account protection, Proofpoint Essentials comes with everything you need to keep your SMB secure.

If you would like to talk more about how you can secure your data ensuring your business is safe from cyberattacks, drop us an email and we are happy to help you.