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Do you love us enough to continue referring clients to us for over 20 years? Have you just started considering partnering with us?

Our partners earn commissions or hosting service discounts for every qualified new customer they send to us.

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Which Partnership Program Option Is Right For You?


Referral partners receive a one-time payment based on their referred client signing a contract for eligible Prominic services. 


Reseller partners receive an on-going discount off the list price for eligible Prominic services that are resold to their End Customers.

Prominic Reseller & Referral Programs

The Easiest Way To Earn More

Partners have a simple required annual minimum of $1,500 in resales or referrals. 

To be considered qualified, the End Customer must not:

  • be a previous or current Prominic customer
  • have been previously referred by another partner
  • have previously contacted Prominic directly to solicit a quote

Customer Relationship

Reseller partners own the relationship with their customers.  Referral partners do not: their customers work directly with Prominic.


Customer Support

Reseller partners are responsible for providing level 1  End Customer support. Referral partners are not.

Reseller Discount and Commission Tiers

You can advance your commission or discount tiers as your annual sales grow.

Annual Revenue
$1,500.00 - $9,999.99
$10,000.00 - $99,999.99
Discount / Commissions Tier


Referral partners receive commissions within 30 days after their qualified referred new customer submits their payment on a signed contract with us.


Discounts are calculated based on the invoiced revenue for a calendar year.

Eligible Program Services

Which Prominic Services Are Included In The Program?


As a Prominic partner, you make money on referrals or resale of these eligible services:

  • HCL Domino Mail Hosting

  • HCL Domino Application Hosting

  • HCL Connections Hosting

  • HCL Sametime Hosting

Do you work with enterprise customers with complex multi-platform infrastructure needs? LET’S TALK!

Prominic Reseller Program Benefits

The Easiest Way to Help Your Customers and Make More Money

Pre-Sales Support

We help you find the perfect technical solution for your clients and also assist on the business side of the project (RFPs, Proof of Concept, etc.)

Cloud Migration Help

We provide simple and easy onboarding and help your customers migrate to the Prominic cloud from on-premises servers or from other cloud providers.

Advanced Tier Technical Support

Our certified support specialists will take care of you and your customers every step of the way.


Simple Sign Up

It’s as easy as signing our partner agreement.

Multi-Platform Hosting Solutions Available

We are an HCL Cloud Partner, a Microsoft Certified Partner, VMWare Partner, and a Citrix Partner. We have the expertise in managing their technologies in our cloud. So, if your clients have a blend of technologies or decide to switch platforms in the future, we are happy to help.

Simple Incentives & Timely Payouts

Our partners enjoy a simple and straightforward commission or discount structure. Referral commissions are paid out within 30 days of the referred customer’s contract payment

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