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Regardless of your company size, you can leverage our customizable managed cloud solutions to:


Securely replicate your Domino data to the Prominic cloud, in real time

Create additional hourly backups to counter accidental document deletions

Utilize your Prominic cloud Domino server for real-time failover during an extended internal outage

Our certified Domino administrators provide expertise and support

No additional IBM licensing fees

private cloud app hosting

Powerful, Flexible, Reliable Custom Application Hosting


Prominic’s custom application hosting solutions provide the perfect mix of performance, flexibility, and affordability to meet your company’s objectives whether you’ve outgrown your in-house hosting environment or are realizing the value you want from a cloud hosting provider.

Our support staff has years of experience supporting a wide range of custom business applications and can help you relieve the burden of day-to-day support tasks.

Talk to us about our multi-data center, load-balanced solutions with network and application/server failover.

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