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At Prominic, we pride ourselves on our superior support. Our expert technicians are always available to assist you with your concerns.

If you are currently experiencing a critical outage, please contact us by phone at 888.356.2999
 for callers in the US and +1.217.356.2999 for international callers.

For non-emergency tickets, you can contact our support team by e-mail, phone, or through the Customer Contact Portal.

Inquiry responses can be expected within one to two business days. Our flexible ticketing system allows you to track your inquiries whether they are sent through the Customer Contact Portal or e-mail. You can access the Customer Contact Portal using link above or select “My Account” after you login.


  • Online account management
  • Online billing statements
  • Our incident tracking system
  • Prominic’s custom knowledge base
  • Support and sales messaging


You can reach our support team at 888.356.2999
 for callers in the US and +1.217.356.2999 for international callers.

Prominic.NET believes in the ready access to expert technical support while maintaining the security of your data.

Our phone system will recognize your account when you call us from a phone number listed in the Customer Contact Portal.

If you are calling us from a shared number, such as an office line, you will be prompted for your customer PIN, which can be found under My Details on the Customer Contact Portal.

You may call us from a phone number not listed on your account, though we will need to take additional steps to verify your access.