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Prominic STARTcloud: Solve Your Virtualization Problems


Data Location

Unlike many other cloud companies, with STARTcloud you know exactly where your data resides. From the exact datacenter down to the specific server, there’s no guesswork wondering where you data lives and who has control over it.

Data Ownership

STARTcloud also guarantees you retain ownership and control of your data, so you don’t have to worry about unauthorized and unpredictable usage. What good is data ownership when your cloud company can still use your content any way they choose?

Data Control

With our STARTcloud Appliance at your location, your data in the STARTcloud data centers is automatically synched back to your office. You’ll always have an up-to-date copy of everything.

managed hosted virtualization

Flexible Environment Powered by Our Infrastructure Expertise

Our STARTcloud platform allows for simple, cost-effective virtualization on your own private Cloud server.

We create a flexible, powerful environment for your data that you control – from creating additional VMs to reallocating resources.

With STARTcloud, you can customize your environment and run an existing VM image from anywhere and build any VM on nearly any host.

The Best in Cloud and Virtualization Without a Costly Software to Purchase or License.


STARTcloud is an innovative platform lowering your virtualization costs and helping ensure you eliminate the risk of data loss both on-site and in the cloud.

Easy to Use

Startcloud gives you all the simplicity of the cloud.

Improved Performance

STARTcloud increases your application performance thanks to VM usage.

Data Security

Your data is housed in our SSAE 16 certified data centers, with latest firewall protection and hourly backups.

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