Secure and Optimize Your Domino environment with Our Comprehensive Assessment

Free HCL Domino Security Assessment

Prominic.NET offers a free security and best practices assessment for HCL Notes Domino, regardless of where your server is hosted. Our expertise is available to you for both on-premise and cloud-deployed servers.

Your Domino Environment Health Check Up

Using our proprietary DominoMeter software tool, we compare hundreds of critical settings in your environment to the best practices we’ve learned over our 25+ years of administering Domino servers.

We provide a detailed PDF report with specific, actionable recommendations to enhance your server’s security, performance, and compliance with new HCL licensing requirements.

What's in Your Report?


Ensure You're Up-to-Date

Discover if you’re utilizing the most secure and efficient Domino version. We’ll evaluate if the latest Domino web technologies are enhancing your system’s flexibility and accessibility.


Operating System Insights

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your operating system’s status, including the effectiveness of your multi-factor authentication setup to ensure tight security.

Data Integrity Assurance

Verify that your critical databases are correctly mirrored across your cluster to prevent unexpected surprises and ensure data integrity.

Access Control Analysis

Review your access controls to confirm that only authorized personnel can access your data, maintaining a streamlined and secure environment.

Exposure Assessment

Identify any inadvertent exposure of your data to the internet, ensuring that all potential vulnerabilities are addressed to keep your information secure.


Connections Health Check

Examine the communication between your Domino servers, identifying and cleaning up any outdated or inefficient connections for optimal performance.

Benefits of Using the Domino Comprehensive Security Assessment

Why Do It Now?

Our Domino Comprehensive Security Assessment provides a robust framework to enhance the security of your Domino environment. By identifying vulnerabilities and implementing best practices, we ensure your server is protected against unauthorized access and potential threats. This proactive approach helps safeguard sensitive data and maintain the integrity of your systems.

Ensure Compliance and Save Costs: Optimize your server settings for cost-efficient HCL licensing and receive detailed “DLAU” reports, saving you money and ensuring compliance.

Protect Sensitive Data: Identify and correct databases with inadvertent Anonymous access to prevent data exposure on the Internet, safeguarding your sensitive information.

Enhance Security and Performance: Implement robust encryption and optimize server performance, including I/O operations per second, to handle user load efficiently and improve overall productivity.

Minimize Downtime: Ensure cluster replication is configured correctly and the Repair task works efficiently, providing seamless data replication and minimizing downtime.

Ensure Up-to-Date Systems: Verify your Domino server runs the most stable and secure version, and ensure Traveler is configured correctly for reliable mobile email, including proper Apple Push Notification settings.

Comprehensive Security Evaluation: Receive a thorough evaluation of all critical aspects of your Domino server to ensure robust security, optimal performance, and compliance.

Why Prominic Introduced This Service

At Prominic, we believe in proactive care, not just fixing things when they go awry. The decision to introduce the Domino Comprehensive Security Assessment stems from our commitment to keeping your Domino environment not just running, but thriving. With the increasing complexity of cyber threats and evolving licensing requirements, businesses need a reliable partner to ensure their environments are secure, compliant, and optimized.

Our expertise, accumulated over 25+ years, positions us uniquely to offer this valuable service. We recognized a growing need among our clients for a thorough and expert-driven assessment that could provide actionable insights and drive continuous improvement.

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