HCL Nomad Web: Freedom to run your Domino apps in the browser.

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No Notes client to install. No client updates to roll out. No extra licensing required.

Eliminate your Notes Client deployment and upgrade issues. Now all of your Notes Client apps can run in your web browser unchanged using Domino’s exciting built-in feature, Nomad Web.

HCL Nomad Web

What is Nomad Web?

HCL Nomad Web ( or HCL Nomad for Web Browser) is a web client based on the HCL Notes Basic client that allows you to run Domino applications in a web browser. You can add it to your existing Notes Domino infrastructure or use it to eliminate the need to deploy the Notes client on your users’ computers altogether.


Why Use Nomad Web?

If your organization is looking at ways of reducing the technical support needed for the Notes client to run their Domino apps or mail, Nomad Web is a great solution and can be an effective alternative to costly and time-consuming migration.

NO Extra SOFTWARE deployment Needed

It’s not necessary to install any additional software or even have a Notes client installed on the user’s computer to access your Domino apps  or mail via most browsers.


Software version and other updates can be implemented centrally. When the main Nomad Web Domino gets updated, so will all the users’ clients be automatically upon their next login.


Nomad Web is supported on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Because it’s completely browser-based, it can be accessed from any computer using most browsers, so the users can always access their Domino apps and mail even if their computer is lost or broken or they’re working remotely.

No additional Licensing

Nomad Web is covered under HCL’s CCB license, so organizations already using this license for their Notes client don’t need to pay any additional licensing fees.

USABLE WITH Most Browsers

HCL Nomad is a multi-threaded application, so it will not work with the Safari browser. There are some other limitations, some short-term, some long-term. For a full list of the current limitations please visit HERE.


Users just put a URL provided by the IT department into a browser to start using the app.


Learn how your organization can streamline access to Domino apps unchanged in the browser and more, all the help of Nomad Web. Watch the webinar below.

Nomad Web Use Cases

Keep your Notes Domino users connected and productive from anywhere 

Deploying Nomad Web with your existing HCL Domino apps and mail make a lot of sense because they solve many common challenges that running and maintaining desktop Notes clients present.

To start with, it makes any updates and software version upgrades across your organization’s desktop devices a breeze because it’s running off one central point. It also helps minimize the amount of maintenance and troubleshooting that sometimes comes after those updates or corrupt installations etc.

In general, all those strange one-off head-scratching errors you may get with the Notes client can be eliminated or significantly reduced with deploying Nomad Web. No client – no client errors.

If you have remote workforce or workforce that may use multiple computers, Nomad Web makes perfect use case. No need to install a client means being able to access from any computer with Internet access they need to (whether they should is a different matter of course).

If your organization has been looking to get rid of the Notes client but has some critical Domino apps and migration costs have been a huge consideration, Nomad Web may just be the perfect solution to your dilemma. 

With Nomad Web, you can have the benefit of the power of Domino but without the headaches of the extensive client admin.

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