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Why iDNA Applications?

iDNA delivers knowledge about your applications with a granularity like no one else can.


Key Benefits:

  • Identifies consolidation & optimization potential
  • Surfaces more precise accuracy in effort estimation
  • Enables realistic, fact-based risk assessment
  • Better decisions based on facts and intelligent analysis

Insights into your Domino Environment:

  • Application usage (Notes Client / Web)
  • Design complexity
  • Source Code Analysis

Telling the story of “Data”

  • Ease of setup, Secure Setup, Customer owns data!
  • Key concepts/Terminology:
    – Understanding key terminology helps the customer wrap their head
    around the true power of iDNA Applications

Analytics in a box

  • Virtual appliance to collect information
  • Communication via secure Notes channels
  • No installations on Domino servers

Significantly increase your ability to deliver on time and on budget

Your organization’s Domino application data is analyzed and aggregated locally and turned into easy to understand visual dashboards that focused around the business value of applications, design complexity and similarity, template candidates, code findings and optimization opportunities.

panagenda ApplicationInsights

A new approach to modernizing your digital workspace faster


Find the optimal strategy for your applications! Transform the bits and bytes of your Notes databases into meaningful information!

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