The Power of VMWare Virtualization Platform On the Prominic Cloud

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VMWare is the gold standard for virtualization when it comes to efficiency, performance, and flexibility. You can focus on using it instead of creating and maintaining its infrastructure.

Prominic deploys both VMware ESX and ESXi hypervisor architectures to partition physical servers into multiple virtual machines. VMware ESX is operating system independent and exploits hardware capabilities by sharing single server resources (disk, memory, CPU, and NIC) across multiple platforms, without slowing down your critical deployments. You can run your most resource-intensive applications on a single machine with peace of mind.

We have deep experience with virtualization, and will architect an environment to meet your changing needs. Let us help you get the most from this great product.

Simplified IT Management

VMWare’s virtualization tools automate many maintenance, diagnostic and server management processes that used to be done manually. As a result, it frees your IT staff to work on other projects that are more critical to your business.

Agile IT Service Delivery

Infrastructure built on virtual machines is the very basis of cloud computing. It can react quickly to changes in requirements and demands, which helps businesses be more agile and competitive in today’s economy.

Improved Business Continuity

Virtualization enables creation of highly available environment in which data stored on a virtual machine is easily replicated to other virtual machines, so all your applications are protected and accessible all the time.

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