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Supporting the Community of HCL Ambassadors

Free Personal Hosting for HCL Ambassadors


Prominic has been actively involved in developing and supporting the HCL Notes Domino community for almost two decades.

In an effort to further foster the HCL Domino community, Prominic now offers free hosting for HCL Ambassadors.

Prominic will provide a free single-user Domino server for personal, non-commercial, use for any current HCL Ambassador or HCL Lifetime Ambassador in good standing.

Who are HCL Ambassadors?

HCL Ambassador is a distinction that HCL awards select members of the community that are both experts in their field and are passionate about sharing their HCL knowledge with others.

They are HCL ambassadors (not employees) and their commitment to sharing their expertise has a huge impact on the HCL community – whether they are blogging, writing books, speaking, running workshops, creating tutorials and classes, offering support in forums, or organizing and contributing to local events – they help make HCL’s mission of making technology play nice, possible.


HCL Ambassadors are eager to bring their technical expertise to new audiences both in person and online around the world.


Want to Take Advantage of the HCL Ambassador Offer? Here’s How:

Fill in the signup form

1. Go to https://Prominic.NET/Signup

2. Fill in your contact information.

3.Specify HCL Ambassador hosting in the additional details box

Prominic staff will be in touch to help facilitate your new server setup

Otherwise, for Domino signups you can send an E-mail to support@prominic.net containing your requested:

-> Internet Domain (e.g. mycompany.com)

-> Domino Domain (e.g. @MyCompany)

-> Domino Organizational Certifier (e.g. /MyCompany)

-> Version of Domino to install: (if not specified, Prominic will install to latest FixPack)

Once you're all set up we'd be thrilled if you'd:

-> Follow or mention @Prominic on Twitter

-> Like or mention Prominic on Facebook

-> Connect with us on LinkedIn

Let us know if you talk us up anywhere else!