Secure Chat and Video Meetings Across All Devices with HCL Sametime

Keep your users collaborating securely in real time via HCL Sametime, with instant messaging and online meetings from anywhere and across multiple devices.
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Protect Your Chat and Meeting Data

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Own your meeting and data with rock-solid privacy, encryption and auditability. You decide where your data is stored, be it on-premises or cloud.


Collaboration Just One Click Away

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Sametime comes with a faster deployment, easy install and fewer servers. No waiting and no need to download software to start or join a meeting. You are seconds away from secure team chat, video meetings, and file sharing.

Control Your Video and Chat Costs

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Pay for what you use – nothing else. With Sametime, you only pay for what you use for infrastructure and the licensing cost is competitive as you’ll find out.

HCL Sametime Premium Hosted in Prominic Cloud

Own Your Meeting and Conversation Data

Unlike some of the other messaging and communication tools on the market, HCL Sametime keeps your data and conversations are protected with enterprise-grade security and encryption. Unlike some of the other cloud providers, Prominic Cloud gives you full visibility into how and where your data is stored, as well as control over your servers. Alleviate concerns over your multinational cloud giant hosting company harvesting or spying on your data for any number of reasons.



Enterprise-grade data privacy, encryption and auditability.

Protects your meeting and chat data from hacking and potential breaches, while also allowing you to keep a record for compliance, etc.

Deploy on a secure private cloud

Prominic cloud allows you to keep control over your servers. You own your meeting and messaging data. We just protect it and make it run smoothly.

Set admin policies and manage resources in minutes

It’s easy to define which groups can do what — this increases security, manages network bandwidth, and protects confidentiality.


Strong meeting controls

Moderators and presenters can control muting and presenting — as well as require passwords. Sleek and intuitive, and meets all industry standards of a modern meetings and chat solution. 

Sametime v12 is here!

Learn more about the updates and the new features
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Meetings and Conversations as easy as one simple click

HCL Sametime v11 has been rebuilt from earlier versions to make it fast and easy to deploy, manage and scale.  Users can start or join chat and meetings in seconds without having to download or wait.


Faster deployment with containers and scale with Kubernetes


Simpler installs and fewer servers


No waiting and no need to download software to start or join a meeting


Take your meeting on the road with desktop, web and mobile app


Switch from desktop to mobile and back without losing your conversation with persistent chat


The client settings are simple and minimal; just what you need and no more


Built from scratch using modern web tech, the new HCL Sametime clients are lightweight and fast


Integrate with your choice of conferencing provider


Control Your Collaboration Costs

With organizations worldwide having millions of employees working remotely during the pandemic, the costs for most major video conferencing and collaboration platforms have required significant investments.

Stop paying for functionality you don’t need or use. Sametime gives you modern feature-loaded instant meetings and chat at a fraction of the cost of competitor SaaS solutions.

powerful feature rich Meetings


Meeting options: personal, instant and custom

Recorded meetings are instantly available.
No waiting on downloads.

Personal meeting rooms
that are customized and secure

Share multiple screens per meeting.

Broadcast capability with built in livestreaming

Admin policies and controls at the user, group and server level

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