All the Benefits of Microsoft's Collaboration Solutions
With Convenience of the Prominic Cloud

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We make enterprise collaboration easy with SharePoint server hosting in our managed cloud.

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Host your Exchange mail servers in the Prominic cloud.

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Upgrade your company to the latest in productivity and collaboration tools from Microsoft with the same stellar support from Prominic.

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Move your MS SQL servers to the Prominic cloud for peace of mind and expert support.

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Prominic offers managed, dedicated IIS / ASP.NET hosting for all your needs.

Microsoft Exchange Hosting

Hosted Exchange on the Prominic Cloud

Microsoft Exchange is what makes your business work: Outlook e-mail and calendar, Skype for Business and more. But how hard do you work to manage Exchange?

Taking MS Exchange management off your plate has never been easier. Our experts will ensure a smooth transfer to our data centers, and we are committed to providing superior uptime and performance for your server. Plus, our Microsoft licensing rental makes things even simpler.

Prominic’s Microsoft certified support team is here to help you with the complex and time-consuming management. Let us provide some peace of mind with our reliable and secure Exchange hosting.

SharePoint Server Hosting 

Enterprise Collaboration Made Easy

SharePoint Server is a portal-based platform that allows you to create, manage, and share documents and web services in a collaborative manner. You can create SharePoint Portals, which include shared workspaces, applications, blogs, wikis, and other documents accessible through a web browser.

When you host your SharePoint Server with Prominic, you can be sure that SharePoint will be fast, available, and secure.

There’s no need to purchase additional hardware, and we have rental options for whatever additional licensing you may require.

Your Business in the Cloud: Upgrade to Office 365

Anytime, anywhere

Office 365 allows you to work with the same suit of Microsoft Office tools but with the cloud access from anywhere.

On Any Device

As a cloud-based application solution suit, Office 365 can also be worked with from any device.

Team Collaboration

From multi-person video chat and content sharing to shard calendars and team chat, Office 365 lets your teams collaborate in an easy and effective way.

Easy Set Up and Management

Prominic’s support staff are standing by to help administrate and customize your team’s Office 365 experience.

Cloud Storage

With 1TB of cloud file storage, you’ll have plenty of room for all your important documents.

Business Class Communication

With business-class email, IM, video conferencing and social networking, Office 365 is helping you take care of priorities easily.

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SQL Hosting

Expertly Managed Microsoft SQL Server Hosting

Microsoft SQL Server allows your company to increase developer productivity, gain more from key business intelligence, ensure business continuity, and more easily manage infrastructure with less cost.

SQL Server has higher levels of security built-in, and is readably scalable, so it grows with your company. Manage your mission-critical data and gain strategic insight from business information to obtain a competitive edge using this heavy-duty relational database.

When you depend on MS SQL Server for your applications and data management, you expect it to be secure, fast, and reliable – you can depend on us to see to that.

Our scalable solutions allow your MS SQL to grow with your needs, and our SSAE 16 certified data centers have several layers of security, redundant high-speed Internet lines, and 24x7x365 monitoring.

Plus, any hosting solution you have can be combined with a tailored disaster recovery plan – ensuring that you can always count on your data.

A Seamless Experience with Prominic’s Microsoft IIS / ASP.NET Hosting

Prominic offers managed, dedicated IIS / ASP.NET hosting for all your needs. Our expertise ensures your architecture is the perfect fit for your business, and our 99.99% uptime guarantee ensures that you will always have access to the Microsoft web platforms you need.

Whether you want to create a new web site with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, a mobile application or an API, ASP.NET can be the solution for you. And with Prominic’s help, everything will be easier.

When you host IIS/ASP.NET with Prominic, you can be confident in the security and performance of your web platforms. Let us show you how our superior expertise and support can benefit your business.

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