OnTime Group Calendar for Domino

Stop wasting time trying coordinating schedules with your colleagues in the company with the best in class group scheduler for business.

Get Time Back in Your Day with The Number 1 Group Scheduling Solution for Domino


OnTime® Group Calendar is a solution designed to improve transparency and efficiency in your organization. It integrates seamlessly with your Notes Desktop and Verse client to enhance the capabilities of a group calendar.

With a focus on team collaboration, it provides value to your company with its speed, flexibility, and user-friendliness. Featuring modern design, intuitive navigation, and ease of use, OnTime® is suitable for both small and large organizations. It keeps users up-to-date with real-time updates, preventing misunderstandings and double bookings.

Its Mobile Web App allows users to access the calendar on-the-go, making it a versatile solution for a mobile workforce.

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Simplified Online Meeting Scheduling


With OnTime for Domino, you have the ability to schedule and manage online meetings through Zoom, Webex, Teams.

The creation of online meetings can be done directly from the OnTime Group Calendar, eliminating the need to constantly switch between platforms and double-check links and time slots. This results in a faster and more efficient process for sending out invites.

OnTime Features: a Team-Centric Powerhouse

Group View or Individual

OnTime®  has a modern and straightforward design, making navigation simple and intuitive. It allows you to easily see the entire team’s calendars or just individual ones. The color-coded legends give you an overview at a glance, and the notification center keeps you informed.

Desktop or On The Go

OnTime® Mobile provides immediate access to your organization’s personnel, their information, and calendars, giving you a clear understanding of their availability. You can create new appointments, search for colleagues who are free, and reach out to co-workers with just a few clicks. 

Easy Scheduling

OnTime® provides multiple options for creating appointments in your and your colleagues’ calendars. You can schedule a meeting or event by polling your colleagues, partners, and customers, as well as make appointments on someone’s behalf. In addition, you can also book rooms and resources.

Vote on Meeting Times

Minimize the time spent on finding a mutually agreed meeting time by conducting polls among the intended participants. You can poll internal or mixed groups that include external attendees, while enhancing the poll with information from OnTime® users’ calendars, such as their availability and office hours.

Time Off View

The Time Off View provides a clear overview of when individuals are out of the office, making it easy to determine the most efficient use of available personnel.

You can display the time off categories selected by your organization, such as vacation, maternity leave, etc. for easy planning.


Meeting Assistant

Meeting Assistant allows you to choose which invitees’ schedules are less critical, and it will not consider them when suggesting meeting times. However, all invitees will receive the same invitation, and it is their decision on the importance of their attendance.

HCL Connections Integration

OnTime® for Connections integrates the scheduling features of OnTime® with your  HCL Connections communities, teams, and network, so you can collaborate effectively while enjoy the efficiency of the OnTime® desktop calendar.


OnTime embedded into Verse

 OnTime is integrated within the Verse interface. You can access it in the top navigation bar, where you can switch between Verse and OnTime, as well as by opening a mail message, where OnTime enables you to create a new Pollarity Poll to find an available time by voting.

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