The new version of Volt MX aims to offer businesses low code solutions for both developers and non developers as well.

In order to reach that goal HCL is making investments in innovation and GTM, and is working with its clients in order to make sure they maximize their use of Volt MX.

Volt MX offers:

  • Build Once. Deploy Everywhere

    • From native mobile to PWAs to wearables, build once and deploy any app, anywhere, on any cloud-native platform.
  • Integration without limits

    • Remove backend complexity and unlock existing data and business processes to reduce time to market by more than 60%.
  • Innovative Interactions. Meaningful Engagement

    • Engage users in new ways with VR, AR and voice chat. Add your choice of virtual elements, AI and NLP engines with ease.

Just in case you need a reminder, here is what the Volt MX platform:

VoltMX 9.2

As far as the Business Process and Application Workflow were concerned, Volt MX offers:

  • Storyboard View
  • Client-side Workflow
  • Server-side Workflow
  • Rules Engine
Volt MX Application Storyboard

Application Storyboard:

  • Build from components
  • Generate from data or services
  • Organize app flow
  • Manage navigation logic
  • Omni-channel support

Client-side Workflow

  • Launch from Storyboard
  • Event driven design
  • Drag-and-drop actions
  • Visual rules editor
  • Invoke services & logic
  • Reuse workflows across the app

Server-side Workflow

  • Visual editor based on BPMN standards
  • New type of Foundry Backend Service
  • Leverages existing server events bus for high performance and scalability
  • Integrated with other Foundry services

Business Rules Engine

  • New Service type in Foundry for configuring Business Rules
  • Rules can be invoked as a service from the client
  • Server-side workflow integrates with Rules for conditional logic
  • Rule logic is configurable at runtime from business user applications.

The webinar had a great Demo where we could see Volt MX in action so make sure to watch the replay here.

Automated Testing

  • Visual Test Recorder built-in to Iris for Web and Native
  • Test cases are a seamless part of the developer experience
  • Edit & validate test cases locally. Then check with project
  • Test cases run as part of continuous build DevOps processes.

What’s new in Version 9.2

  • The Volt MX Marketplace with a great deal of pre-made apps
  • A new documentation website

Components Enhancements

  • Support in Segments
  • Re-order Properties
  • Conditional Rendering of Properties
  • Tooltip for Properties
  • New Property Types
  • Expose Events as Pass through

Enhancements to Native & Web Frameworks

  • Vector Animations for Native Apps using Lottie
  • AR Framework Enhancements
  • Custom Web Splash Screen

Top New Features for DevOps / Test Automation

  • Configure Timeout for a Test Case
  • Add Assertions in Test Case Recordings
  • Automatically add WaitFor for a New Test Case
  • View Screenshots of Failed Expectations
  • Database Versioning with Flyway
  • Arxan Code Obfuscation Support for Web Apps
  • XCode 12 Support AppFactory

Improved Performance & Productivity

  • Iris Tooling Performance Improvements
  • Segment Widget Performance Improvements
  • Productivity Improvements
    • Form Templates
    • Data & Services Panel Enhancements
    • Accessibility Enhancements

Red Hat Process Automation Manager (PAM) Adapter

  • New adapter for Red Hat Process Automation Manager
  • Invoke DMN rules, Strat Process Instances, Case Instances and Task Management functions via pre-built operations.

Support for OpenAPI 3.0 Specification for Integration

  • OpenAPI (swagger) Connector new supports the import of files using the 3.0 specs
  • Ability to modify Endpoint Server URL in service definition or during publish in service reconfiguration.

Event Triggered Workflow

  • Trigger Workflow by listening to Foundry Events
  • Any Foundry service or custom code can publish an Event
  • 3 new BPMN nodes
    • Start Signal – start a workflow
    • Catch Signal – pause & resume a workflow
    • Throw Signal – raise an event from workflow
Volt MX 9.2 Event Triggered Workflow

Foundry Publish Enhancements

  • Incremental Publish (Delta Publish)
  • Deploy only services and assets which have been modified or added to the app since the last publish
  • Option to skip OpenAPI generation to reduce publish duration
  • Improved Error messaging
Volt MX 9.2 Foundry Publish Enhancements

New Promotion Mechanism

  • Promote Foundry applications across environments without worrying about the changes in Console
  • Promotion across multiple accounts using Deployment Package
  • Support available for both Foundry Console and MFCLI

If you need any help with your Volt MX journey, just shoot us an email and we are happy to help.