Collabsphere 2021 took place online last week and boy oh boy did it have some great presentations.

Agnes Ng held a great presentation about the Open mail strategy HCL has in mind. In the end, having secure mail does not have to mean you need to be stuck to a particular mail client.

At this time, as you know, the HCL mail solutions include HCL Notes and HHCL Verse. Both of them are great, as Notes enables you to have everything you need in one place while Verse offers you the flexibility of accessing your mail from anywhere.

Still, despite the fact that these two options are quite great it’s also important to have options, to be able to choose the mail client that you want.

Having the option of selecting your own mail client is a plus since you don’t need to learn a new app every time you move to a new company for instance. You can have your personal and business email in the same client, another option that comes in handy.

Open mail also means that as an admin you don’t have to worry about the user training because your users can choose the mail client they like and as a user you get the tool that you are familiar with. You don’t have that annoying learning curve where you need to read through documentation and figure out which button does which action.

A lot of our work day goes on reading and answering emails. Research has shown that about 28% of the work day goes for this task alone. It’s quite understandable that if you can do something to be more effective and not spend that much time on communication alone you will choose the easier path: a more appropriate one for your email client. This is the purpose of open mail: the great Domino security under the mail client that best fits your needs. 

If you are not convinced by now, here is why Open Clients might be an option:

  • Choose your interface
  • Secure your data as always
  • Improve your productivity

Here is how the Architecture of Open Clients looks like:

HCL Mail - Open Mail strategy

The presentation also had a demo to see how open mail works with Outlook so make sure you register and watch recording of the session.

The current timeline for open client involves launching the Beta in the second half of 2022, with some hopes that it might get rolled out to the public faster. As with all app development some delays are possible as we all know.

HCL has also been working on some improvements on HTMO (HCL Traveler for Microsoft Outlook) with the 3.0.3 version coming with a delegation feature for Mail, Calendar and Contacts. This 3.0.3 release is scheduled for the end of 2021. 

If you need help with selecting the mail client of your dreams let’s chat and we are happy to lend a hand.