HCL is back with a new version of HCL Volt 1.0.5 and it has a lot of goodies, like some great workflow improvements.

A quick recap of what HCL Volt is:

  • A powerful citizen developer capability that is easy to learn and use
  • Let’s business users (and IT) innovate and improve efficiency
  • Provides a broad array of application possibilities
  • Leverages existing secure and proven Domino infrastructure
  • Ability to integrate with Domino and other data.

Domino Volt Workflow:

  • Move from manual to automated
  • Gain efficiencies
  • Improve transparency
  • Improve engagement and level of service
  • Integrate into the bigger picture

Here are some examples of Workflow App

HCL Domino Volt 1.0.5 Workflow App
  • Proposal review
  • Equipment requests
  • Services request
  • Quote process
  • Case management
  • Registrations
  • Recruitment

Domino Volt Workflow

  • Work is done in the form
  • Involves multiple steps and actors
  • Flow is the transition between the steps
HCL Domino Volt 1.0.5

When it comes to developing and workflows you do have to overcome some challenges like:

  • Getting the information to the people involved. What approach do you go with: 
    • Look info up in the Domino Directory
    • Look info up in some other source
    • Enter info through a Name Picker
  • One other question which rises is when do you get the information: up-front or during the flow?

  • Providing visibility into the workflow
HCL Domino Volt 1.0.5 My service request

Domino Volt 1.0.5 comes with a major revamp of the workflow as well as coming with a new visual design.

Here are some enhancements which ease the whole getting and using information on the actors easier:

  • New user experience for assigning users
  • New user experience for setting user permissions for the assigned stage
  • Dynamic assignment from value in the form (vs just service)
  • Domino Directory Services output now includes Alternate Full Name
HCL Domino Volt 1.0.5
  • Enhancements that make providing visibility into the workflow easier
    • Submit completion redirect navigation
    • Data Grid option to use item(s) on page as dynamic filters
    • Option to show/hide print and delete button from existing records

The webinar had some great demos so you can see how the new workflows work.

As HCL has been doing for a while now, they have some plans for the next version as well, workflow branching:

HCL Domino Volt Workflow Branching

Other new features that Domino Volt 1.0.5 brought:

  • Show/hide actions on page in design
  • Stage based rules
  • Images in rich text fields
  • Predictable IDs
HCL Domino Volt

Here is an overview of all the new features from Domino Volt 1.0.5

  • Visual workflow design
  • New user experience for stage properties and roles
  • New user experience for action properties and activities
  • New workflow stage visibility user experience
  • Easier setup of dynamic data grid filters
  • Add images to rich text fields
  • Show / hide print and delete buttons
  • New setting to show / hide action buttons
  • Stage based rules
  • Submit redirect navigation
  • Domino directory service return alternate full name
  • Predictable IDs

Summary of the changes:

  • Quantum leap in the products workflow design experience
  • Many new useful features that support the creation of workflow apps
  • Examples demoed are all on the Domino Volt Showroom
  • Start building workflow apps today in Domino Volt 1.0.5

Domino Volt 1.0.5 is offering an improved way to manage and create your application workflow and we are sure you’ll be pleased with the changes HCL has brought. Let’s talk more about what low code development solution is better for your company.