HCL has made a habit of being very proactive about communicating their product development plans. Let’s explore what they have in mind for their Digital Solutions products in the coming months.

One thing that comes as no news is that the use of mobile devices for our work has increased a great deal. The days when you could only work from your computer at the office are long gone. Flexibility and mobility is what our employees need most. 

With that in mind, HCL has made it an objective to offer its customers the tools to give that flexibility to their employees.

Here is HCLs portfolio:

HCL Digital Solutions Portfolio

Domino remains one of the most secure and cost effective platforms when it comes to business-critical workflow, and document-centric applications while keeping costs for enterprise IT resources, hardware, and software in-check.

The Application Development Landscape

HCL Digital Solutions App Development Landscape

HCL Domino Leap v1.0.5 and Leap v9.3

  • Visual Workflow Design
    • Visual Design Canvas – click to add workflow stages and actions directly to the visual canvas
    • Drag and Rearrange – directly manipulate the workflow diagram for achieve the presentation you are after
    • Edit In-Place – add titles and make changes without going to the properties panel
  • Improved Workflow Usability
    • Make Assignments – easier settings for assignments and permissions for each workflow stage
    • Send Notifications – clearer set up for sending emails
    • Specify Actions – with fewer click that occur for each transition of the workflow
  • No Code Data Grid Filters
    • New Filter Setting – which allows you point to fields on the page that drive filtering of the Data Grid 
    • Combine Multiple Fields – for sorting with and / or conditions without writing JavaScript

Early access to Danube has been granted since May 25th. It’s entitled to all Domino CCB and CEO customers (non-Federal). Available on FlexNet in a prepacked, ready-to-use Docker container.

The app development landscape also has some other great tools:

HCL Digital Solutions App Development

HCL Volt MX Go:

An enhanced Volt MX edition that uniquely unlocks the power of existing Domino Apps:

  • Enhance Domino apps into next-gen, MX apps
  • Maximize your years of app & skill investment
  • No rewrite of business logic necessary
  • Your choice of deployment: Cloud, on-Premises or Hybrid
HCL Digital Solutions Product Volt MX

When it comes to application development HCL has a solution for every level of development proficiency:

HCL Digital Solutions Development Proficiency

When keeping in touch with your customers you need to make sure that you have covered every channel. In that respect:

  • 80% of companies prioritize improving customer engagement 80% touchpoints by enabling mobile access to services;
  • 38% worry they are not investing fast enough…they report slow pipeline for content development 
  • 40% of organizations will be adding 25% more digital sites over the next 2 years to handle their online traffic
  • 85% will increase or not change Hyper Automation investment strategies over next 12 months.

Customer experience improvement tools:

HCL Digital Solutions Customer Experience Improvement Tools

Value a DX customer gets from MX

HCL Digital Solutions Volt DX

HCL DX 2022 Mid-Year Milestone

  • Integration Without Limits
    • Data Integration – Design Studio can use Volt Foundry’s middleware & API management 
    • DAM – staging to production WCM & DAM – automated image tagging & content enrichment 
    • DAM Extensibility – event based custom functionality
  • Built for Growth
    • Helm – transparent, configurable Kube deployments 
    • Cloud-native – rolling update, logging & metrics support 
    • SoFy – externally-facing docker repository v9.5 Package – consumption based pricing & licensing built for Kube
  • Data-driven Design Experiences
    • Design Studio – full site support, JavaScript widgets & approvals workflow support 
    • Page Editor – enhancements to lists, templates & symbols 
    • Extensible Personalization – new APIs for rule management 
    • Leap v9.3 – updated App Design & new Visual Workflow 

HCL Volt MX v9.5 – OND 2022

  • Super/Micro Apps, No Limits Integration & Automation 
    • Super/Micro apps – modular development that’s easier to extend and maintain 
    • Offline Apps – enhancements for native apps and PWAs 
    • Volt IQ – AI-assisted translations & design-time optimizations in Volt Iris 
    • Workflow – callable API & support for complex parallel workflow use cases  
  • High-fidelity Mobile & Multi-Experiences on ANY device
    • Windows App Dev – support for Windows 10 native binaries 
    • iOS 16 & Android 13 – support for the latest OS releases 
    • App Viewer for Tablets – enable quick preview & testing 
    • Ecma 6 – support for latest JavaScript release 
    • App Testing – enhancements to externalize test input & cross application testing
  • Open Development & Deployment
    • HCL SoFy – enabling container based preview in GCP 
    • Windows App Dev – using Windows ARM laptops & Win 11 
    • Apple App Dev – support for Apple Monterey OS & M Series Macs 
    • Angular App Dev – embed Volt MX widgets in Angular-based websites

Employee Experience Improvement Tools

HCL Digital Solutions Employee Experience Improvement Tools

HCL Domino “Danube” – OND-2022

  • Better Looking Apps 
    • Domino Restyle – make your existing apps’ UI visually look more modern
    •  Apply themes or update colors – in a single Domino application or many at once
  • Enhanced Mail Security
    • ICAP support – enables server based Antivirus protection 
    • DKIM Inbound – ensures emails are not altered in transit between the sending and recipient server 
    • Sender Policy Framework – coupled with DMARC, provides protection against email spoofing used in phishing and email spam
  • Easy Meeting Scheduling
    • Save time – know ahead of time when co-workers are free to meet irrespective if they are using Microsoft or Domino 
    • Co-existence – helps with the transition of customer mail solutions to Domino; also helps organizations through mergers and acquisitions 

HCL Sametime Premium v12

  • Customize Your Meeting Experience
    • Branded & Personalized Meetings – company branding and personal preferences 
    • Meeting Reports – Attendance, summary and full report 
    • Meeting Pre-join experience – Test devices, set virtual background, & join options
  • Make Good Security Decisions Every Time
    • Meeting Modes – predefined: Collaboration, Confidential and Lecture 
    • Click to Call – option in chat for private conversations 
    • Enhanced Security – Waiting Room, Member Management, & Restricted Meetings
  • Lower the TCO of Your Private Meetings
    • Fully Containerized solution – Fast cloud-native deployment on your platform of choice 
    • Reduced infrastructure footprint – Multiple recorders and video bridges on a single server 
    • Improved Scaling and Geo distribution – Meetings can span multiple video bridges

HCL Connections v8 – OND-2022

  • Improved Usability: Fewer Clicks, Intuitive Experience
    • Faster Navigation – Intuitive, modern navigation and design saves clicks, improves adoption 
    • Prominent Search/Sharing – always-present for instant results and one-click sharing 
    • Easy Customization – Allows for customer customization while maintaining consistency across the DS portfolio
  • Supercharged Search & Search Results
    • Streamlined Search UI – adhering to industry best practices 
    • Recent Searches and QuickResults – Immediately find the content, communities and people you are looking for 
    • Clear Results – Simplified filtering ensures relevant results are easy to find
  • Increased Collaboration with Universal Upload & Share
    • One-click Access on Every Page to: Upload and share a file; Share content inside Connections or through third party services (e.g., Sametime, Teams).

Digital Solutions Roadmap

HCL Digital Solutions Roadmap

What are some of these future plans have you excited the most? Shoot us a line!