With the coming of HCL Domino Danube, Darren Duke took the time at the Collabsphere 2022 to do a comprehensive review of all that was already implemented in the latest versions of Domino since v9.

He started as was to be expected with version 9.0.1 FP8:

  • Move view indexes out of the NSF (much like DAOS does for attachments)
  • Can remove GB’s of data for applications with lots of categorized views
  • One STS customer removed 40GB of views and shrank the NSF to 8GB!
  • Speeds up backups as your NSFs are smaller
  • Per NSF, again much like DAOS

You can also check out a great article about Moving Domino NIF indexes out of the NSF.

The FP9 came with some other changes, one of the most important being Mail forwarding restrictions. Prevent forwarding inside or outside of the domain. These are different options, so you can allow forwarding internally, but not externally. You can also allow forwards to custom domains.

Domino Recap Collabsphere 2022

One other thing that was brought to the table is the option of disabling the “Send copy to” rule and also running rules on existing messages.

As you would have expected version 10 came with a number of important new features:

  • 64 bit Domino only from this release forward
  • ODS 53, 256GB behemoth NSFs!!!
  • Symmetrical clustering
  • Keep your clusters in sync and “repaired” automatically
  • Can be targeted per folder
  • Document deletion logging
  • Automatic dead mail processing
  • No need to do the “replica deletion hack” anymore
  • DQL

Every good thing can be made better of course so, HCL Domino version 10.0.1 came:

  • AUT – Automatic upgrade of clients
  • Marvel Client Essentials added
  • Onetime mail signatures
  • SSL cipher changes

HCL Domino version 11 meant letting go the last of IBM boat anchors and/or licensed features:

  • Move to OpenSSL
  • InstallAnywhere
  • AdoptOpenJDK

One other important new thing with HCL Domino V11.0 was DirectorySync:

  • New, better sync tool to keep Domino and AD users and groups in sync
  • Pre-req for Password Sync in 12.0

Here are some other improvements:

  • Option to use ID Vault password as HTTP password. So be gone, different and pesky to manage Internet Passwords
  • DAOS 2-tier storage: Move old DAOS attachments to cheap cloud storage
  • Nomad for iPad official release

Not everything brough new was well received. The calendar UI changes were not well received, leading to them being reverted in 12.0.

HCL Domino V11.0.1 added to the list of great features these new ones:

  • Server Name Indicator (SNI) Domino support BFD
  • No longer does each SSL Domino Internet Site need it’s own IP address assigned
  • AES128 support for local replica encryption
  • Save (technically “export”) to Notes Document to PDF in client

Next in line came HCL Domino version 12.0 with some new features of its own:

  • Nomad Web, another BFD
  • MFA via TOTP
  • Active Directory Password Sync
  • Integrated backup and restore, another BFD which became better in 12.0.1 and even better in 12.0.2
  • Password lockout via IP address: prevents a given attacker IP from credential spraying your server
  • Let’s Encrypt native support
  • Reverted the awful R11 calendar design

Version 12.0.1 of HCL Domino brought about the following improvements:

  • DKIM on outbound email (12.0.2 adds inbound)
  • Native 3rd party meeting integration
  • Teams, GotoMeeting, Zoom, etc.
  • Available as an add-on to prior versions.
  • Adminp auto process of name requests
  • R4 & R5 sections of the NAB design are removed

All the changes that HCL has made to Domino have of course helped us a great deal with our work but also made us excited about what is yet to come with the Danube installment.

If you need help upgrading your Domino, or just want to talk about it, shoot us an email and we are happy to help.