Master Services Agreement

The Master Services Agreement (“MSA”) governs the relationship between Customers and Prominic.NET, Inc. By default, any Customer who does not manually execute a contract (formerly called the “Internet Service Plan Agreement”) agrees to the terms and conditions of service provided by the electronic version of the MSA.

Service Level Agreement

The Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) defines the service parameters Prominic provides, and the remedies available should Prominic fail to meet those levels. All customers are covered under the electronic version of the SLA.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy defines Prominic’s commitment towards protecting clients’ personal and sensitive information. Prominic does not sell or rent personal information to third parties!

General Policies

The following policies illustrate specific guidelines and procedures for the consistent treatment of Customers in the ordinary course of business. These electronic policies apply to all customers.

Notification of Changes

Prominic reserves the right to change its agreements and policies at any time. In the event of any change, Prominic will provide not less than 30 days notice to its Customers via e-mail or as posted on this webpage.