Prominic's TotalProtect solution for IT Leaders

Simplify Endpoint Management and Ensure Robust Security

Effortlessly manage and secure all your IT endpoints with our complete security solution, designed to streamline your operations and enhance productivity.

Streamline Your Complex IT Environment

Drowning in a sea of IT complexity that's eating up your resources?

Prominic TotalProtect offers a centralized platform to manage all your endpoints, integrating remote management, monitoring, inventory management, and automated patch deployment for optimal system performance.

Comprehensive Endpoint Management

Manage all your endpoints, including PCs, Macs, servers, and network devices, from a single intuitive platform.

Scalable Solutions and Detailed Reporting

Easily scale your IT management capabilities and gain detailed insights with advanced reporting features.

Advanced Automation and Real-Time Monitoring

Automate routine IT tasks and monitor devices in real-time for immediate response to any issues.


Secure and Compliant IT Systems

Anxious about the constant threat of data breaches and compliance fines?

Prominic’s TotalProtect offers real-time detection, analysis, and response to cyber threats, ensuring your business stays secure with cutting-edge technology.


Real-Time Threat Detection

Stay protected with advanced technology that detects and responds to cyber threats as they happen.


Automated Policy Enforcement

Automatically ensures compliance with industry regulations and internal policies.


Complete Security Management

Complete solutions that cover all aspects of IT security, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Ensuring Data Security and Compliance

Stay one step ahead of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks

AI-Powered Threat Detection

Harnessing advanced algorithms, our threat detection system identifies and responds to threats in real-time, keeping your digital environment safe from evolving threats.

Endpoint Security with Sophos

Our EDR/MDR endpoint security solution, powered by Sophos, offers continuous monitoring and real-time alerts to protect your endpoints and keep you informed of potential security issues instantly.


of clients will use cloud-based unified endpoint management tools by 2025


of corporate endpoints are hit by data breach attacks


of all tape backups fail to restore


phishing attack success reduction with regular training

Data Backup and Rapid Recovery

Minimize fallout from a security breach and the impact on your operations

Backup Solutions with Acronis

Reliable backup and recovery solutions to keep your data safe and easily accessible.

Data Recovery Solutions

Efficient data recovery options to ensure business continuity and quick restoration of operations.

Rapid Incident Response

Automated threat response mechanisms that minimize damage and downtime.

Simple Solution to Minimize Human Factor Vulnerabilities

Effective Training to Prevent Security Breaches

Engaging Training Programs

Our interactive training sessions are designed to educate employees on best security practices, making learning both effective and enjoyable.

Dark Web Monitoring

Continuous dark web monitoring to identify and address potential security risks before they escalate.


Simulated Phishing Attacks

Regular simulated phishing attacks keep employees vigilant and responsive, ensuring they can recognize and avoid real threats.

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