Account Isolation Policy


When sharing hardware with other customers as occurs on shared and partitioned servers, you have a responsibility to maintain bug and corruption free applications. Should your code or application compromise security on a server or cause a server to crash, you could directly affect the availability and uptime of other customers’ accounts.

Prominic.NET, Inc. may take steps to disable any database, service, or account in general if code, databases, applications, actions, traffic volume or any other matters compromise the availability of a server. This will be done at Prominic’s sole discretion in order to protect customers, including you, from unnecessary downtime.

Prominic may elect to disable your account or move your account off a production server to a development server, on which you will be able to address the issues associated with your account. Only when you have shown satisfactory stability will your account be re-enabled on your production server.

Prominic may also take steps to isolate your account should you be found in violation of any policy, including the Acceptable Use Policy. Prominic may take offline any account, including dedicated servers, it deems to be a security threat.

This document may be modified at any time and will be in effect 30 days after online posting.

Rev. 20060901
Posted: December 1st, 2006
In Effect: January 1st, 2007