In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, businesses require collaboration platforms that are not only efficient but also seamlessly integrate with modern technologies. Domino REST API is a groundbreaking solution designed to transform Domino into a world-class, cloud-native, and standards-compliant collaboration platform. By bridging the gap between traditional Notes and Domino applications and contemporary programming tools, it empowers developers to deliver exceptional user experiences.

Enhanced Access Control with KEEP

Traditionally, Domino applications have followed a document-oriented approach, often incorporating an approval model. Each document progresses through various stages, requiring developers to create separate user interfaces for different approval states. This approach has its limitations, as it relies on coding for access control, leaving control in the hands of those who consume the data rather than those who support it.

However, with Domino REST API’s KEEP feature, access control is moved from the code to the configuration, providing a more flexible and secure solution. KEEP allows for granular access control, enabling actions like read or write based on the document’s data and the viewer’s role. This ensures that the appropriate individuals can perform the necessary actions on the document and its data while maintaining data quality control in the hands of those who support it.

Consider an expense report scenario where both the approver and the employee have specific roles. With KEEP, each role can only edit relevant fields, such as the approver’s ability to approve and add remarks, and the employee’s ability to provide subject, description, and cost details. This granular access control, configured through KEEP, sets Domino REST API apart from other collaboration platforms.

Modern REST APIs for Seamless Integration

Domino REST API introduces modern REST APIs that propel Notes and Domino into the forefront of the market. These APIs are specified using OpenAPI and enable seamless communication between Domino and any server or client via HTTP, HTTPS, or HTTP/2 protocols. Leveraging the power of KEEP APIs, applications using HTTPS can now access data from a Domino database, expanding the availability of this data beyond the traditional Notes client.

For instance, data previously restricted to the Notes client can now be accessed through mobile applications using KEEP APIs. This breakthrough allows businesses to extend the reach of their Domino databases and unlock new possibilities. The security and standards compliance of the KEEP APIs ensure that your Notes and Domino ecosystem remains protected while enjoying the benefits of modern integration.

Similar to a fortified keep that strengthens a castle, Project KEEP enhances the existing functionalities of Notes and Domino. It fortifies your collaboration platform, enabling it to meet the demands of the digital era.

Versatility and Compatibility across Platforms

To facilitate seamless adoption, KEEP can be deployed on various platforms, including Windows (client and server), Linux (server), Docker (server), and macOS (client) as an add-on for Notes and Domino 12.0.1 and later versions. This versatility allows developers to evaluate and utilize KEEP from their Notes client, making it easily accessible during the development process.

Moreover, KEEP goes beyond the distinctions between Domino mail and Domino applications, catering to both environments. While Domino mail typically follows a one-to-one mapping between users and mail files, Domino applications enable multiple users to access the same application. KEEP bridges this gap and provides comprehensive support for both Domino mail and Domino applications.

Domino REST API’s KEEP feature revolutionizes the way we collaborate, bringing Notes and Domino into the modern era. With granular access control, secure REST APIs, and compatibility across various platforms, Domino REST API is the ultimate choice for enterprises seeking an advanced collaboration platform. Embrace the power of Domino REST API and unlock the full potential of your Notes and Domino ecosystem.

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